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August 6, 2012

Jurko Haltuu Live@Maglehemsfestivalen 2012

This weekend I’ve spent a few days on the Maglehemsfestival. This is a very small and intimate musicfestival located in the very beutiful “Österlen-area” on the southeastern coast of Sweden.
The festival focuses mostly on rock and pop music but also has a few electronic acts and even some poets and other art forms on the schedule.

On Saturday at 4 PM, I did my live-performance. This was the third time I performed at the festival but the first time I played in daylight.
It was a new experience playing my music in bright sunshine and 25 ° C. This brought a different kind of audience and mood than playing as the closing act in the middle of the night that I’ve done the other years.
But because it was so sunny and bright, I could not use the visual projections that I had created for this live set. I think this miscalculation unfortunately resulted in that the show lost a dimension.

But I’m satisfied with the musical part of the show and feel that it would be fun to work on with it and make it sound even bigger and deeper.
And it would be intresting to do some more live apperances with it in the future,
where I also includes the visual effects.

All the sounds in the set is made of many different field-recordings that I have recorded and later processed using the computer and some analog effects to create this “sinuswave sounding drones”.

May 30, 2012

Jurko Haltuu & Anders Walldén Live@Luminans (Borgen) 2012-03-23 Malmö

A few months ago I wrote that I was preparing a liveset together with Anders Walldén, the gig went well and if you are intrested you can download and listen to how the set ended up here: BorgFM
(Sound quality is not the best but you get a good sense of how it sounded anyway)

The set is mostly build around sounds from the upcoming cassette split we are working on and soon going to release on my lable Funeral Fog Reords. So take a listen to the recording and keep your ears and eyes open for the release if you like what you hear.

March 18, 2012

Rehearsal Sunday

These past weeks I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio with Anders Walldén. We have been rehearsing a liveset that we are gonna play together on Friday, March 23 at Luminans @ Borgen here in Malmö.

I’ve done some live shows before but, this I look especially much forward to. It’s the first time I will play with someone else and it will be exciting to see and hear how it sounds.

When we decided that we would play together none of us had any idea of how it would turn out. Our music styles is quite different as Anders builds his music around chords and melodies more than I do but we both have that dark and melancholy in the music.
The more we have rehearsed the more our sounds has bound and floated together in a beautiful way.
The set will be built around ambient soundscapes, drones, field recordings, Anders beautiful emotional piano pieces and fragments from a split cassett we are working on (that will be released on my lable in a near future). We have rehearsed a basic set but will improvise quite much.
The set we have come up with will last about 45-55 minutes.

This weekend, Anders has been out of town so I have rehearsed and prepared me in my loneliness both at home and in the studio.

The set will be recorded and uploaded here on my soundcloud and on the blog some time after March 23.